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I live in Jeparit Country Victoria Australia with DH and all our Furbabies, and other strays that find they're way into our home

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hmmm Guess I Been Hit Too!!

Not sure if I should really thank you Sandie for tagging me :P) Not sure why you think I even have 5 weird whacky crazy things I don't know about me or my pets for that matter. I'm such a shy quiet girl that I couldn't possibly be anything like that:)

Now let me get this right I have to tag 5 other blogs then list 5 things about me? hmmm okay here goes. Do I know 5? sheeze!! Let me think..ahah love you Kez but really it's too umm the aim of this is to promote the blogs that I like reading the most and Sis yours in one that I just love to take a peek at as often as I can. Lets see who else can I tag? Oh I know this is the second blog I ever read (first was Sandie's) and I pop in when ever I get time to myself on the computer for a bit of a gander Chloesplace. That's how many? Two hmm 3 too go. Another blog I stop off too is Lorenza's Blog. Three down and two too go sorry ladies but Sandie made me do it:P) Charlene please forgive me...hehe...but I just tagged you so your it too! Lastly I go to visit this lovely person online when I get the chance Beverly Ann I've tagged you too!

" Okay so here goes!!"
1. I moved from the city to the country, a town with no water on the edge of the desert and I hate the heat!
2. Gave up a full time medical receptionist's position to work as a Bar Maid in the local hotel 2 days a week.
3. We collect animals, cats, dogs, chickens, native birds. We have so many animals I've lost count!
4. My DH is terrified of Spiders & Snakes (pmsl Squeels like a girl sometimes)
5. I love practical jokes as long as they are not played on me

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


You came into my life when I met your father. You were already 5 years old and didn't really trust or love anyone other then your Dad! When I first saw you it was only a flash and I thought how strange you looked! Your sleek black coat with your white chest, your white toes and white moustaouche! You didn't have a tail though and I'd never seen a cat with no tail! and when you ran you ran like a rabbit! I couldn't wait for you too love me. Couldn't wait to give you the biggest cuddle but you wouldn't have it! You hid from me my whole visit!
Then it was time for you to make the move from Northern NSW to Melbourne over 2,000km. You did this with our Dad sitting on the passanger seat of the removal truck! Once in Melbourne you met my little girl and she loved you from the world go! She'd chase you around the house barking wanting to play, you didn't want too though you weren't used to dogs! And you had always lost your little friends as soon as you began to love them. Unfortunately it was too happen again. Ellie died 3 weeks after you moved down and again you were without a friend! Slowly though you were beginning to trust me! You comforted me through my grieving for my little Angel. You would sit by me, just being there. Just letting me know you cared.

You then thought it would be good to push me to see how much I would take before I would leave you like everyone else had! When I'd get up of a nighttime to go to the toilet you would stalk me and pounce! You would either bite or attach yourself to my hip. I wasn't afraid of you though and would just reach around and grab you, cuddle you and kiss you until you had calmed down. The games slowly changed to me chasing you around the house then you turning around too chase me. I knew in my heart you needed a friend of your own kind so made the decision to find one for you that would be with you for the rest of your life!

So you Dad and I went to the Cat Protection Society in Melbourne on the quest to find you true love! I knew that day that we would come home with either a rough tomcat or someone to be your forever friend!

We spent a long time looking. I feel in love with a big Ginger Tom. Then your Dad calls out to me that he had seen a beautiful little white cat. She's a Manx he says just like BearBear!. It didn't take us long to decide on her. She was guttsy and a blonde! Puurfect! Not only was she a tough little blyter but she was also a Manx how could we leave her in a pen?

Bear now you not only have your mate for life but we've managed to adopt a whole Pride! for you!

You have mellowed into loving, smoochy, fun loving, adorable Manx! You love me now as much as you have ever loved your Dad. You now find it hard to choose who it is you want too spend your time with and I feel very privilledged. You are a Cat in a Million my little Man.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crafting Left, Right & Centre!

This is the most time I've had from crafting since I can't remember when! I've been making more hearts, here are some:

And I've also managed to make a BeadedAngel for my DH's cousin!

She didn't want her photo taken and this was the best I could do! Gonna have to go outside to take photo's I think. Hopefully I'll be able to make enough of these little cuties to pop on e-bay for Christmas. I think I'm going to have to get cracking if I want to make them for this Christmas though:)

I've also managed to make a birthday card for my 1 year old nieces birthday. Now I'm a rotten Aunty coz I haven't sent her present yet. It's going out tomorrow! Along with all the hearts I've swapped over the weekend! The post office in town are going to love me tomorrow

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've really got stuck into;

making these hearts. See said I was back into it:) I'm really proud of these hearts as I thought I'd lost the knack of making them.

This first one is called "Down in the Garden". These are the first hearts made by me for 2006.

This next one is called "Hats&Flowers". The person who wants this heart I will stitch your name in the blank space at the bottom of the heart. This is my first heart for swap this year!

Now the photos aren't great but we don't have the scanner hooked up yet:(

My next one I've named "Little Girl Dreams" this was inspired by a little girls dream I was told about:)

This is the best heart I've ever made (only my opinion) it's my favourite one out of all the hearts I've made. I am soo very proud of this one! :D "Underwater Treasures"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Started Making Hearts Again

Finally after nearly 10 months I have finally started making hearts again for the Chainsofhearts group on Yahoo Groups. I'm really taking my time because I never feel like mine come anywhere near the level of beauty that the other girls make. Although I will say the more I make the better they start too look! I have two almost finished will get stuck into them tonight and hopefully they will be available to post by Thursday. Then I'm off Camping for a week. Can't wait for the break although with 14 humans and 6 dogs who know's what kind of break we'll all get!

Spring Flowers

Well Spring is definately here at last! The flowers are bloomin and the sun is shinning most of the time. Here are just a couple of my favourite flowers in our garden at the moment.

This is our "Death Lillie" (don't know the real name of the plant and it's affectionately called this by us)

Our lovely native Hybiscus which is finally coming into bloom! PMSL I thought it was a weed a month ago and nearly ripped it out of the ground!!! Lucky DH put a stop too it isn't it pretty?

This is our Potato Vine it seperates our back yard with the verandah. Needs a trim but it's so nice and flowery right now.

Daisy my most prized flower in the garden. Not a photo gets by without her trying her hardest to be involved. Just look at this face! Big smoochies coming her way!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Latest Creation!

This is my latest creation. Yet to be named or completely finished this little darling has taken me literally months to create!

I've still got to attatch the eyelashes and paint the fingernails then he/she will be completed!

I was going to enter him/her (thinking more her) into the local show but they don't have a dolly section and she won't pass for a soft toy! Enjoy the other photo's!!

Tribute to Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin

Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Thank you Steve for all you have done for the world of conservation. When I first saw you on the telly I thought you were rather over the top. It wasn't until I actually sat down and watched your show that I realised what a knowledgeable man you really were. I was shocked and saddened by your death! I mean if you had been taken by a croc or some other savage beast I think I would have thought well yeah I could see that happening but a Sting Ray no way! I hope your family will manage and be able to cope without the passion and excitement you must have bought home. I only hope that in Heaven your exuberance isn't stilled.
Goodbye Steve I'm only glad we can still watch your adventures on the television! Thank you for sharing your passion with me and the rest of the world.!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slowly Taking Up Photography Again!

The Wedgetail Eagles are out in force here now I've noticed them flying about and would love to snap a couple of shots off of them! So are so many other things too the Conola is out in flower so we have fields of yellow! the grass is turning brown again just so much to click away at. Now I've made up my mind I"m going walking with the camera tomorrow. I really need to score the camera to get the happy snapping started. Wish me luck